Rozzie Chia
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Rozzie Chia is the can-do creative and social justice geek of your dreams (or nightmares) with a Psychology major and a history of disability support, advocacy, social innovation journalism, magazine work, teaching, speaking, counselling, music industry all-rounding and parliamentary troublemaking.


She is an LGBT+ Chinese Australian DV survivor with lived experience of mental illness, and a passionate advocate for Australians living in poverty. She is areligious but returns regularly to the First Nations People of the world (but particularly of the Darug Nation) for regular reminders of what it all means.

Her experimental Diverse Hawkesbury project straddled the line between media, oral history, documentary filmmaking, qualitative research and a cut-the-crap style that held the media duopoly hard against the wall of social accountability.


Monotreme Media is her response to a growing yearning for a community-led voice that seeks to heal, unite and strengthen, while generating work opportunities for locals who deserve a great work environment and equal pay for equal effort.

Tracey Baglin


                         Creative Director and company founder

                         Level Playing Field graphic design


Tracey Baglin is a traditional graphic designer turned bold explorer in a brave new world of social media. Her two decades of experience in print, as well as her ground-level participation in social media as it became a vital force in the marketplace, has allowed her and #LPFdesign to recommend the best approaches for individual, small business, government- and community-based organisation's communication needs. Level Playing Field graphic design specialises in effective and budget-driven design, creating the Level Playing Field everyone needs to compete equally. 

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Krystle Seville is a local Hawkesbury photographer with over 10 years experience, primarily photographing families and weddings. Driven by curiosity and community spirit, Krystle aims to use imagery as a creative vessel to represent the authentic personalities and unique connections in front of her. Having travelled internationally photographing weddings and being published by large media outlets, Krystle looks forward to assisting Monotreme Media in visually conveying the concept and heart behind our stories.