Ruth is Lighting the Night for leukaemia research.

Ruth Schembri, pictured with her late father, Sam..

Ruth Schembri is no stranger to cancer.

Today, Ruth can be seen on Instagram with her family, celebrating her award-winning hospitality business. However, the road has been long, and from 2012 to December 2017, Ruth supported her father Sam through his leukaemia diagnosis and treatment.

Saviour - "Sam" to his loved ones - passed away in December 2017, and Ruth remembers him this week in an event she says will be held in his honour, at her Comleroy Road home.

Her business, Blueberry Hills on Comleroy, is a formidable testament to the family's endurance and determination. She says her plans for her B&B cottages saw her through the hardest of days, and kept her focus away from negative feelings.

"My focus was on developing the business and building the cottages. During that time, my dad had gone downhill. I opened the cottages in March 2018. I was trying to get them done so that Dad could see them, because he was a builder. He only ever saw photos."

Today, those cottages stand in tribute to him on the hillside, with dreamy views to the east and a brand new sun-drenched breakfast room for Ruth's guests.

It is a story of hard work, of grief, of hope, and of sheer white-knuckled grit.

This weekend, Ruth sheds a light on other families in need of support.

A nationwide Leukaemia Foundation campaign called "Light the Night" will be held at her Kurrajong property with friends and family, which is intended to raise awareness and funds for the families who live with a blood cancer diagnosis. It also raises badly-needed funds for leukaemia research.

Ruth says that researchers are on the way to finding a path to faster diagnoses and better treatments for individuals diagnosed, but more funding is needed to further this research and support.

Her page says, "I am going to Light the Night because blood cancer has touched my life... the money I raise will help provide care for those in need right now, and it will back the brightest researchers to continue their important work."

Please note: registration to attend the event is now closed.

However, you can help Ruth reach her target of $2500 by visiting this link.

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