Person-centred learning at Vibe 2 Dance builds an instant family for young students.

Updated: Apr 29

Since December 2017, dance and performance-coaching powerhouse Stephanie Mears has established herself as the Hawkesbury’s fastest-rising small business achiever under 30.

While many have struggled to maintain trade throughout 2020 and 2021, Stephanie, 28, has not only held steady her popular dance school but exponentially increased her student numbers, running classes in Box Hill Community Hall, Kurrajong Public School Hall and Grose View Public School Hall. VIBE 2 DANCE currently teaches students aged 2-17.

The secret, says Stephanie, lies in the fact that under the dance moves and jazz shoes, her focus remains diligently upon encouraging each student to work on their personal development.

“As a teacher, every week is filled with proud moments. It’s those little successes and wins that remind me how awesome my job is,” says Stephanie. “But there is nothing like the feeling I get at the end of our dance concert each year. Every person on that stage has worked through their own personal goals to be there, including me. Our concert is that moment when I see all of the little triumphs in class come together and I cannot describe how proud this moment leaves me.”

Stephanie runs the show with respect for person-centred learning. She says, “There’s a sense of instant family that the students feel as they work together with fun and caring teachers. We aren’t as focused on getting it right as we are on trying our best. This gives our students a better sense of confidence and in turn I have seen children really flourish. I’m feeling very blessed that VIBE 2 DANCE survived last year’s lockdown. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

This article is a paid partnership between Monotreme Media and Vibe 2 Dance.

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