Connections @the Park is Launched

The Connections facilitating committee is a supergroup of community heroes. Photo: Rosalind Chia

A grassroots team of community sector superheroes has launched “Connections @the Park”, with the inaugural event date set for 8 October.

In a new approach towards building community resilience and conversations around wellbeing, this group of Hawkesbury locals is excited to put on a new annual event that is sure to please.

Complete with live music, stalls, demonstrations and creative activities, Connections @the Park is a free event that co-organiser Peter Webb says is a “non-prescriptive” approach to facilitating connection and meaningful contact between members of the Hawkesbury community.

He says, “We’re not overthinking it. We’re just allowing it to naturally take shape, and that’s the excitement of it. We’re having the courage to imagine a new way of bringing the community together, and going ahead with new ideas.”

The event is timed perfectly as a school holiday boredom-buster, and locals are encouraged to support the small businesses surrounding Richmond Park by purchasing food from them to enjoy in the sunshine on the provided picnic blankets.

The day will also be a community-led creative project with a roving videographer interviewing locals on the day about their lived experiences and perspectives on what it means to connect. This is all part of the group’s innovative approach to keeping Hawkesbury locals firmly in charge of their own social solutions.

L-R: Madeline Campbell of Flourish Australia, Mary Lyons-Buckett (chair), Sharon Grech of Hawkesbury Remakery, William Begg of Like Minds, Kym Burton of Pink Finss, Andrew Tuck, Executive Officer of Peppercorn Services, and Peter Webb of the Western Sydney Suicide Prevention Network. Photo: Rosalind Chia

Peppercorn Executive Officer Andrew Tuck says, “We’re cultivating a fertile ground for natural relationship, conversation and community to take root and grow. What makes a mentally healthy community? Shared places, shared experiences, and shared interests. That captures everything that we’re trying to engage: providing the opportunity for people to connect and have conversations with one another. That way, we are building resilience at a community level.”



From 11am

Tuesday 8 October 2019

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