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Going old-school with printed magazines means a need to distribute physical copies to the doors of our friends. Rather than see this as a simple commercial transaction, we see it as an unmissable opportunity for creating connections and reducing social isolation.

When you sign up to receive your copy, you also create an opportunity for our Street Team to knock at your door and personally deliver your magazine. While this seems a very simple transaction, social and work opportunities can be valuable for people on the autism spectrum who desire a greater involvement with community. Here at Monotreme, we also believe that they should be paid properly for their work.

Via your "West of the River" magazine order, we can ensure that we're creating media that permanently and gladly takes responsibility for social impact.

Media for good is here.

Are you:

 - a student or staff member of a school west of the river, or running activities that occur west of the river? Our Schools in Focus section has proved to be popular with our communities and we're still hunting for just the right primary, secondary and homeschooling stories! If you're implementing innovative school or homeschool-based learning that takes place west of the river, we would love to hear from you and your students. Get in touch via email to the Editor:

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